Nuts are high in fat . . . and that’s why you should eat them! Nuts are excellent sources of monounsaturated fat—the amazing substance that actually keeps us slim, strengthens our hearts and immune systems, and lowers cholesterol. All nuts have significant nutrition, but make sure they're fresh, organic and eaten in their raw state—not irradiated, roasted, or heavily salted. These nuts are great additions to any diet:

Almonds.A handful of almonds gives you almost 25% percent of your daily requirement for magnesium, and contains as much calcium as a glass of milk. They’re also high in vitamin E, and may lower the risk of colon cancer and cholesterol-related illness.

Walnuts. Walnuts are little miracles. They’re proven to increase heart health and cognitive function, as well as alleviate skin and bone conditions.

Pecans. Recent clinical studies show that this nut significantly lowers cholesterol. Pecans are also a great source of twenty essential vitamins and minerals.

Brazil Nuts. Also high in heart-healthy nutrients and minerals, studies show that this protein-packed snack may aid in the prevention of breast cancer.

Cedar Nuts. Cedar nuts hold 70% of essential amino acids. They’re also rich vitamins A, B, D, and P. We rarely hear about vitamin P, but it’s similar to fish oil in that it reduces harmful cholesterol.

To get the most from nuts, eat just a handful at a time.  You’ll find they’ll fill you up fast, and as part of a regular exercise regimen they’ll actually increase your metabolism.