Even the most dedicated exerciser finds themselves running out of steam from time to time. If you’ve fallen out of love with your current routine, here are a few ways to snap out of your rut and reinvigorate your love affair with exercise.

Get into the groove.  If you love to listen to music when you exercise, stoking your motivational fires might be as simple as downloading some new-to-you tunes. Check new releases and exercise recommendations in the iTunes store for anything that strikes your fancy: the less familiar to you, the better!

Dress to impress. Shop around your favorite sports store and buy yourself some new workout gear. You might be surprised how eager you are to get in the gym to show off your new pair of colorful kicks, dri fit shirt, or cute pair of cropped gym pants.

Kick it up a notch. Sometimes, boredom can creep into our workout routines when we slack off and let ourselves get lazy. Try a more challenging DVD, a new gym class, or work out routine and see what happens.

Read all about it. Scoot down to your local library and check out a few books about the “rock stars” at the top of your favorite sport, or seek out an autobiography penned by any athlete who inspires you.

Give it away now. If your workout routine has grown stale because worrying about burning calories seems like such a trivial concern, why not work charitable giving into your routine? Sign up for a 5K race or a relay event that will help you raise money for a cause you care about.