When a friend moves into a new place, it's always nice to help them celebrate with a housewarming gift—a little something to add to their new home or to celebrate the hard work and stress that went into moving in. But of course there’s the question of what to get—here are a few favorites that are always welcome, and will make you welcome in the new home!

For first-time homeowners, put together a kit of useful house tools—screwdrivers, a hammer, a tape measure, etc. There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have a specific tool when you really need it. The same principle can be applied to kitchen tools as well—a nice can opener; a spice rack with spices, mixing and baking tools like a spatula, whisk, and cooking trays; or a set of knives will make great additions to a new kitchen.

Or else, a bottle of wine/champagne or fresh baked goodies always make great presents—they'll either be cracked open or eaten at the housewarming party, or your friends will have your gift to savor after.

If you can’t think of anything they really need, gift certificates to places like Ikea or Home Depot will help the happy homemakers furnish their new place in style.