Valentine’s Day is right around the corner; keep things fresh for your partner with these innovative ideas for Valentine’s surprises.

  1. Come up with some clues and lead your partner on a scavenger hunt around your home or around town. Leave smaller gifts, like notes professing your love, candy, or small trinkets, with some of the clues and save the main gift for the end.
  2. Skip the umpteenth bracelet or box of candy and instead give your beloved an experience. Go skydiving, take a weekend away, or simply give them a day where you take care of everything and they can do whatever they like.
  3. Get a local hotel room and take a trip to your own town. Eat out, visit local tourist attractions, and go shopping. 
  4. Design a getaway just for your partner, but don’t let on where you are going or what you are doing til you get there.
  5. Try havng a date at home on Valentine’s Day and going out the night before or after. Restaurants are hectic and the servers are stressed on February 14. You may have a better experience if you stay in for a romantic dinner and movie on that day.