Think that you have to visit a professional florist to find a magazine-worthy arrangement? Think again! With these simple tips for designing your own floral arrangements at home, you can fill your space at Liss Property Group Apartments with gorgeous flowers or even give them as affordable gifts to friends.

  1. Choose the perfect vase. Choose a vase that will fit the flowers that you have on hand, or if you don’t have a designated vase, use something like a mason jar, pitcher, or other household vessel.
  2. Using florist’s tape, create a grid across the top opening of the vase. Leave approximately one-inch squares in between the tape to keep the flowers separated and evenly spaced.
  3. Mix up textures by using a wide variety of different types of flowers. Contrast delicate baby’s breath with big, leafy blooms and eucalyptus branches.
  4. If you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the idea of mixing and matching, make a statement by using a large quantity of just one type of flower. Whether it’s classic red roses or purple hydrangeas, all flowers look beautiful when trimmed into layered lengths that eventually create a rounded arrangement in a short vase.

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