If your daily coffee shop habit is starting to make an impact on your wallet, it may be time to start getting caffeinated at home. You don’t have to settle for an inferior cup, however; simply follow these tips to brew coffee just like your favorite barista!

  1. Start with high-quality coffee. It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to brew a great cup is by using great coffee! Try to purchase coffee as soon after it was roasted as possible, such as from a local roaster. Also, buy it in small quantities to ensure its freshness.
  2. Just add water. Fresh, filtered water, that is. Because water is the foundation of your coffee, it should taste fresh and free of chemicals such as chlorine.
  3. Grind beans on the spot. Instead of grinding all of the beans at once at the grocery store, invest in a home grinder so that you can grind them as you use them. Also, be sure to vary the size of the grounds based on what type of brewing system you use. For example, use a coarser grind for a French press and a fine grind for espresso.
  4. Use the proper ratio. To brew the perfect cup of coffee, keep in mind that you should use a ratio of 5 tablespoons of coffee to 16 ounces of water. This amount will brew two standard size cups, but you can double it to make more.

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