Make cleaning less of a hassle by organizing your supplies. A neat and clean supply area will save you time and make you more motivated to clean. Follow these simple, clever tips to make your chores a little easier to tackle!

  • Use a cart with wheels to store all of your supplies. You can move all of your products from room to room as you go.
  • Free up your shelves by using a hanging shoe organizer to store your spray bottles, wipes, and cleaners.
  • Buy a few plastic tubs for each room of your apartment and label them to make it easier to sort through what you need for each room.
  • Get more use out of the space under your sink by using a tension rod. The handles of spray bottles sit perfectly on top of the rod, freeing up more space for other supplies.
  • Use hooks to hang your brooms to keep them from falling out every time you open your closet door.
  • Make it easier to find your supplies by placing them on a Lazy Susan underneath your sink. The spinning turntable keeps all of your items easy to grab and within reach.

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