Beginning a yoga practice can be intimidating, which is why the staff at Philly Power Yoga goes out of their way to welcome new comers. Whether you've been practicing yoga for years or you’ve never given it a try, the talented teachers at Philly Power Yoga can whip you into shape in no time (and do so with a smile).

If you haven't yet mastered the basics, come to a Beginner's Yoga class to learn the main principles of yoga. But if you are already an expert, jump right into a Power Yoga class in a room heated to 90 degrees, so as to allow deeper, safer bending. You can also opt for a Pilates class instead and work on building strength throughout the body, specifically in the core, or come to a barre class for a full-body workout. Philly Power Yoga even offers cardio classes to complement your strength-training workouts.

Philly Power Yoga
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