"Good Morning:

I reside at Brookshire Trace. I am currently having a problem with another neighbor stalking me. I cannot say enough good things about the manner in which Kara, the new property manager, has handled this. She is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. She patiently listened to my complaint, worked with me and even went so far as to give me several options that made me feel more comfortable. She is a thorough and fast thinker. She does not jump to conclusions; she definitely gets all the information she can before she makes an accurate assessment. I was in her office for a little bit and I observed the great interaction between her and the maintenance team. There is mutual respect. I also, saw how kind and compassionate Kara was towards a tenant's daughter who came in concerned about her father. The daughter left smiling with a positive outlook on the situation. Kara is so upbeat and positive, nothing is too much for her to handle. She is absolutely an asset to Brookshire Trace. All the tenants I talk with love her."