Talula’s Daily is a European-style market, restaurant, and bar that aims to provide fresh food and beverages in all forms to its patrons. The stylish eatery is decorated in a quirky, modern way that features open shelving with colorful glassware displayed all over, an artistic curved bar, and wooden tables in all shapes and sizes scattered right in the middle of the marketplace.

Guests can browse local cheeses, crusty breads, takeaway dinners, and bottled beers, and then sit down to enjoy a sandwich and coffee with friends. For dinner, Talula’s serves a pre-set supper that changes from month to month. This meal is a flat rate of $55, and it includes dishes made with local ingredients that reflect the current season. Warm breads and cheeses are served with your dinner, and you can choose cocktails and wines that perfectly complement the unique dining experience.

Make a dinner reservation at Talula’s Daily on the restaurant’s website.

Talula's Daily
208 West Washington Square
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 592-6555