One of the most majestic states in the Union, Maine has been a popular destination for lovers of the outdoors for centuries. The state has over 5500 miles of coastline, making it a great choice for beach lovers. It also boasts spectacular mountains, historic villages, and more.

If you’re there in the summer, the beach scene in Maine is one of the best in the Northeast. Every day, hordes of sun-seekers flock to York Beach to tan, swim, surf, and generally appreciate the crisp, clean water and fine, white sand.

With beaches come lighthouses, and Maine is a mecca for lighthouse lovers. The state boasts more than sixty of them, including the Quoddy Lighthouse, located at the easternmost point of the continental United States, as well as the popular Cape Neddick Lighthouse. The state even has a lighthouse museum in Rockland. A number of other historic sites dot the state, from Civil War forts to ghost towns.

Maine's inland natural parks are equally beautiful, offering miles of hiking, mountain biking, and more. In the winter, the state’s mountains are flocked with skiers and snowboarders. While you’re there, don’t forget to sample the lobster – the best crustaceans in the States come from Maine. There’s nothing that beats a lobster roll on the beach.