My name is "Happy Resident" and I reside at Brookshire Trace. I would like to tell you how amazing Robin Bencker, the Property Manager at Brookshire is. I am a new resident here and I can't begin to tell you how Robin has been so totally awesome in accommodating me. Nothing is ever a problem to her and she responds in a timely manner. I have even e-mailed her questions around 7:00 A.M. and she gets right back to me. I had a problem with my shower, I stopped in the office, it must have been around 4:50 P. M. and she immediately had one of the men come to my apartment and fix the problem. Imagine that, she could have said wait until tomorrow, but no she had the man do it right then. Whenever, I see her, she is so friendly and gives me a big smile and waves. Nothing is ever too much for her to handle and she always makes me feel like I'm an important resident. It was not an easy transition for me moving from a large single home to a one bedroom apartment, but I have to say dealing with Robin has made me glad I choose Brookshire Trace.